November 2016
Trophy Hunt by CJ Box
Book 4. First animals and then people are being mutilated. CJ is involved because of a moose, but can't let go of the strange circumstances. This one is particularly creepy and get pretty complicated, but gets wrapped up nicely at the end. There is a bit of wooowooo spiritualism brought in by Nate. Adult. Very Good.

Wishing World by Todd Fahnestock
(visiting Quest) Creative fantasy about a girl who is pulled into another world while seeking her family who has disappeared. Lots of whimsical naming here. I'm just not particularly moved by the whole world. I didn't feel much like the conclusion was satisfying either. Probably a sequel coming. Should be interesting hearing the author speak about publishing though. OK 4th+

Open Season by CJ Box book 1
A hunting guide dies on Joe's woodpile and has an empty cooler. Lots of complications, corruptions and weasels. Great plot. Joe is dreamy. (HA).Adult.

Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina and new Orleans by Don Brown
semi-graphic novel. done in brown and grays this is very effective. and pretty depressing of course. It's pretty much the facts about the hurricane and devastation that followed. Well done. 4th+

All Stand for the Honorable Perry T Cook by Leslie Connor
Eleven year old Perry has stayed with his mother in Blue River Coed Correctional Center his whole life until the district attorney finds out. Suddenly he's in a home away from his real home and "family". Perry is just a wonderful, innocent light in a confusing world. I really liked the whole story. 4th+ Excellent.
Ink and Ashes by Valynne E Maetani
Claire Takata finds a puzzling note from her dead father to her stepdad. But they didn't know each other did they? Things lead to some very scary and serious situations that involve her family (two brothers) and her closest friends--all guys plus the girls soccer team. This was a terrific, suspenseful mystery with lots of Japanese culture and an exceptional female protagonist. YA for violence and romance.

Full of Beans by Jennifer Holm
Much like Turtle in Paradise, Key West is a key player in this story. It's the middle of the Depression and everyone on the island is suffering in some way. Beans is creative as an entrepreneur and will do almost anything for a nickle. But adults lie. New Dealers show up to try to make Key West a resort destination, but there's going to be a lot of work and faith involved. Great characters. Quick read. 3rd+ Very Good.

Nowhere to Run by CJ Box
CJ is almost ready to leave his latest exile and does a final ride through the deep mountains based on a report of an elk that has been butchered outside of season. But two crazy brothers are suddenly a frightening danger. Lots of politics in this one and Joe and Nate may be going separate ways. Very good Adult.

Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes book 4 of Falling Kingdoms
The plot thickens -- so thick it's almost hard to move forward. Let's see, we have Auranos, Paelsia, Limeros and now Kraeshia. All with leaders who are ruthless and power hungry. Then there's the Sanctuary with the Immortals and the four crystal marbles holding (what?). Plus the fire god and his mortal wench. Everyone almost dies. Or does. Some come back. Or have a twin. Will this end with book 5? Good. YA for sex and violence per usual.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down book11 by Jeff Kinney
This is James Joyce for kids. Stream of thought. No chapters, just wherever his brain takes him. Funny stuff as usual. Halloween included here.

Dog On It by Spencer Quinn
Adult mystery from the viewpoint of Chet the dog. Bernie is a private eye and a woman approaches him to search for her missing teenager. Her father doesn't seem to be worried. This has great threads of complications. And our dog here is a great character. Very Good. Adult but OK for middle school.

Summerlost by Ally Condie
Cedar has lost her father and brother in a car accident. Her mother has bought a house in the town where she grew up where they will stay for the summer. Cedar is still grieving the losses, but has the opportunity to work at the local summer theater. A mystery ensues. This is certainly frought with sadness, but also hope. It's a tad slow. Very Good. 4th+

A Clatter of Jars by Lisa Graff
What an odd story. The children at this camp are all Talented, with talents ranging from mindreading to knowing how many frogs are in the lake. The camp director is somehow collecting and selling Talents. And the campers all have their own issues. I did read this in spurts, and that may have affected my comprehension. It was just confusing to me because I couldn't remember who was related to whom. OK 4th+

Tomorrow Code by Grian Falkner
Well, this wasn't great to read at bedtime. It's the end of humans. Two Auchland teens get a message from themselves that they need to stop the Chimera Project. This escalates to quite the horrible scenario. Definitely middle school or higher. YA

The Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham
Another winner. Sebastian Rudd is the lawyer everyone loves to hate. He represents the worst criminals. This is a great complicated plot involving a man ready to be executed, an abducted girl, a botched midnight police raid, and a cage fighter. His own life is a mess and his office is a van. The ending is a little less than satisfying, although all of the storylines are tied up pretty well. Adult. Sex and violence.