The Racketeer by John Grisham
Malcomb Bannister hates being in jail, even though it's a camp more than a prison. When a federal judge is murdered and his safe emptied, Malcomb has something to bargain with to get out. This is exceptionally complicated and twisty. Malcomb aka Max is a smart lawyer who uses the system that put him away. Lot's of intrigue. Adult

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan
Well, this one is a bit more controversial. One of the main characters is transgender Alex with family issues. Two fathers in the story are horrible people. And it takes a bit of catching up to get back in the story after a year. Magnus is trying to recover Thor's hammer, but there is a boatload of intrigue. Who to trust?? The repartee is as good as ever. Some very funny one liners. Of course there's at least one more book to ward off Ragnarok (the final battle). There's a muslim girl Valkyrie--talk about confused religion... the muslim part is handled extremely well. Almost YA for violence, but it's Riordan.

The Trouble in Me by Jack Gantos
A precursor to Gantos' Hole in My Life. His preteen year that turned him to a bad life. This is tragic in the true sense of the word. His self-worth and choices about his own identity take some bad turns. But of course it's got that dark humor too. So many things burn up. YA for language and situations.

Gray Mountain by John Grisham
Listened to this on 12 CDs. It did get me through three states and 12 hours. But it finally wore me out with anticoal, big business, etc. diatribes. The plot was pretty thin.
And by the end I just wanted it to quit. So unconclusive. so many loose ends. bleh.

Below Zero by CJ Box
Book 9. Father (mobster) and son (environmental terrorist) go on a crime spree across thee West. the Box family at the same time receives a mysterious call from April--their foster daughter who died in an FBi conflagration. This was pretty violent, but action packed. And satisfactory ending. Adult.

Grade A Stupid by A J Lape
Darcy Walker is ADD and brilliant. She's bored as a freshman and wants to have some kind o relationship besides her childhood friend Dylan. Lots of random thought lines here that remind me of Janet Evanovich. It gets pretty scary at the end (school shooter stuff) and mildly confusing with lots of suspects. It took me a while. I wonder how big this is as a hardcopy. Good and YA due to talk of "fastards" etc.

Free Fall by C J Box
Joe Pickett is sent to Yellowstone National Park to find out what's going on on behalf of Governor Rulan. Murders and intrigue ensue. Once again the setting is the strong character. Great story.

Poison is not polite by Robin Stevens
Reads like an old fashioned Nancy Drew set in the 19302 in a British manor house. Really slow. I'm not sure who will read this unless a teacher assigns mysteries. It had a nice twist at the end. But, soooo slow. 4th+ OK. I wouldn't read sequels.

Winterkill by C J Box
Book 3. This is how Joe and MaryBeth lose their foster daughter April. Joe finds a crazed fed shooting wildly at a herd of elk. After arresting him, the man escapes and Joe finds him murdered. While trying to solve this a group of anti government militia set up camp in the national forest. Great complications and characters. Adult.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale.
I enjoyed this in its so very campy way. Squirrel Girl is mild mannered Doreen Green who speaks with squirrels and has their powers. My favorite part was the evil mastermind--MicroManager. (YES!)